The NEW Game Of Business

If you think you’ve seen and heard everything, The New Game of Business offers new departments and a new perspective for business.

This sleek, lightweight book with soft cover is so good that it has to be read in business schools around the world. Every entrepreneur and every member of staff, from the concierge to the CEO, must read and read this book.

The author’s quote in Chapter Five summarizes the theme of this book very well. Mitchell Axelrod says: “I’ll help you get where you are, wherever you want to be.” The new game in the city is reciprocity and no longer the businessman with the most games wins.

Consumers are tired of using television every day to get bad news about poorly managed businesses. Corruption and scandal seem to be over and all this negativity requires the economy and well-being of those who sell and those who buy. Mitchell Axelrod recommends that it is not so old to think that companies have to throw the bus completely and play “The New Game of Business”. This game is exclusive and based on service. As you read this book, you learn how important it is to waste the old rules and write a new script for a new game. A game where everyone wins.

The main parts of this book are: Game for the new rules … “Caveat Vendidor!” Design a new strategy … It’s not just business; It’s personal !, New Economy practice … Good deals are good deals, find a new mission … Put people to products and profits! Send a new message … In which cases are you? A new answer is Mantra … “Serve, Deliver, Earn More!” Find new solutions … Do not fall in love with products or services!, Buy new skills … Learn the tools in the game, create a new model. .. Integrate or disintegrate! and generate new money … profit is everything! The material contains everything a reader needs to know to make a profit, to win lifelong customers, and to have loyal and satisfied employees. Apply these proven principles used by companies like Nordstrom and Starbucks, and you’ll see your business grow exponentially as your dreams come true!

Mitchell Axelrod is a consultant, professional speaker, talk show radio host and often published author on topics such as marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, life skills and playing the new game. For more than twenty-five years, Mitch Fortune 500 has been consulting companies, banks, insurance companies, small businesses, and individuals to increase sales, increase sales and profits, and get more enjoyment, satisfaction, and satisfaction from work.