Still On The Ground Floor

Battle Royale games have evolved rapidly in recent years, with players like Battlegrounds and Fortnite from the player Unknown, but the Early Access version of H1Z1 captures the magic of the last person’s shooter long before the current leaders of the genre. But with the official full version of H1Z1 it’s clear that it’s not enough to be in the bigger conversation.

The H1Z1 falls on a large rural map where small towns, gas stations and camps serve as pointers for prey to up to 150 players (solo, duo or squads of five). In the traditional style of Battle Royale, everyone begins with just the clothes on their backs and hurries to find the best weapons and equipment. Of course, the fact that you have one life per game, this kind of deathmatch is exciting and rewarding if you succeed, especially if you coordinate the tactics with a team.

A number of game elements, such as finding the right materials for doing useful things, play a part. One of the most important items you must produce includes improvised armor for the required protection, ointment to stop bleeding and explosive arrows, really the opponent’s team lacks a curve ball. Crafting feels more like a transfer mechanism of the early H1Z1 models, but it’s an important part to win, and luckily it’s not very deep given race speed.

There is not much time between the phases of the contract safety zone and competitions are therefore fast. If someone follows the strategy of walking along the lethal circle, it is a strong sense of urgency; If you can not find a vehicle or drive fast enough to the new security zone, your fate is likely to be long before the poison gas envelopes you. The H1Z1 contains significant predictability that provides another dynamic for players who want to jump directly into a conflict. During the warm-up phase before the game, choose which grid of the card you want to start – this is called a tactical setup. A heat map also gives a general indication of how many others are entering each grid. Combine these elements with the H1Z1 revealing the first safe zone in the pre-game phase, and you can actually choose something that’s more action-oriented.

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H1Z1’s fast rules through when I jump from an opponent who jumped out of a jeep can be 100 mph, which means you will not be hurt if you jump out of the fast cars to shoot. Such combat maneuvers are really valuable if you use them strategically. But by inserting a bit more unusual action and a faster pace, some kind of dissonance occurs in the H1Z1, especially because it keeps the survival and simulation elements of its ancestors. Aside from the Craft, players must handle a continuous loss of health (with different degrees of severity) after injury. This is complicated by the fact that first aid kit only gradually improves health. Assault Rifles also shoot with such strong setbacks that it is assumed that the H1Z1 leads to realism or military simot. This mechanics is not necessarily bad for themselves, but they are contrary to the core of the game.

Lack of diversity also damages the life of H1Z1. A map would have been good, if not for the emptiness of the fields between the clearly designed city centers. Some places, like cabins and campgrounds in Runamok Lake, give a little flavor, but generally you can not expect much in terms of verticality or complicated structure layout. This extends to available arsenal; A shotgun, magnum and two rifles are useful in the right scenarios. Crossbows with exploding arrows are useful, although they are not practical because arrows have to be made. A sniper rifle offers a far-reaching option, but is only available through random transfer errors. There are no fixtures or areas to change the limited number of firearms, and it’s hard to get the excitement of using a good weapon. If you are aiming for the first person, you can use railways to take better shots in narrow corridors, but there is not much to use for long distance combat. There is a lack of parity in the weapons, which is very clear when fighting in the open parts of the map. Firefighters always carry

is still consistent with a shrinking security zone, but teams are sinking or swimming as a device. Players can revive themselves when they are off, eliminating teams when the vehicle is broken. This mode exchanges unpleasant excitement for carefree off-road use.

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Move to Twisted Metal or Battle Mode to Mario Kart to retrieve retrieved objects from the items on the map, including weapons and ammo for teammates, detours as nebulization, and oil spills or repair kits in play. The slopes are also glued on the card for high stunts in the middle of fast hunting. Auto Royale is as absurd as fun, but just fun in short bursts.

Due to its zero backlash H1Z1 offers no surprising microtransactions that are happily confined to cosmetics. Colorful leather for everything, from vehicles and parachute rifles and helmets offer plenty of room for customization. You can also exchange items with other players. So if you want a skin that you really want, you do not have to rely completely on the outer box system. Temporary challenges give you something to work and serve as a means of acquiring game currencies, even if your own paid currency is available.

H1Z1 preaches to eliminate the random factors seen in other games, and it remains a competent feat of the genre. The game has intense moments and exciting firefighting; The feeling of having more than 100 players is very present. However, the disjointed gameplay elements exceed the better moments, and the lack of variety in both short design and weapon selection causes H1Z1 to lose its appeal fairly quickly, especially in the genre it uses as a mirror.